Thursday, June 01, 2006

We're going to Disneyland!

Okay, so we already did and to Disney's California Adventure too and to a TV taping and to the girls' Spring Dance Performances all on top of Paul, Emily & Hannah being sick! Whew - what an insane time the last few weeks have been!

So, where to start? Let's start near the end of the illnesses and the Emily, Miley Cyrus and Hannahbeginning of last weekend's whirlwind. The girls and I attended a taping of the Disney Channel Show, Hannah Montana. We lucked into this as guests of Miley Cyrus through a friend of mine who was visiting from Michigan with her daughter. The taping was a lot of fun for all of us - well except for the part where my friend and I were forced into dancing in front of the audience by the MC and our children! That was mortifying. Why is it that my children love to get up and entertain the world and I have absolutely no desire to have any part of that? Emily & Hannah really enjoyed watching the taping, getting to know Noah Cyrus a little (since she was sitting with us) and meeting Miley Cyrus after the taping was over. Emily wants me to cultivate my friendships more so she can go to tapings every week - I think not.

Ready to danceSaturday brought the annual Spring Dance shows. Both Emily and Hannah were in the Junior Show at 11am which meant a 10am call and they were worn out from all the excitement on Friday night but we made it on time, in costume with hair and makeup done. Emily hadn't danced at the dress rehearsal on Thursday since she was still sick - she did attend and watch but she was too dizzy to dance - but she felt fine on Saturday. That was a good thing because in addition to the Junior Show at 11am, Emily was also in one number in the Senior Show at 5pm. Paul & I went to both shows and Hannah went to the Senior Show.

Hannah was in two numbers this year. The first was with her ballet class and the second was with her jazz class but was a musical theatre number to It's a Hard Knock Life from Annie and not a jazz number.

Emily was in a number with her ballet class and a number with her jazz class in the Junior Show. In the Senior Show, she was in a number with her hip hop class. Next year, Emily will most likely just be in the Senior Show since she'll probably end up promoted to the Intermediate level.

As if that wasn't enough for one weekend, on Sunday the girls and I went to Disneyland & California Adventure. It was crowded and hot but we got on most of the rides we wanted to ride and loved the fireworks. It was a long day but lots of fun too!

Then it was back to real life and school work. Hannah's in 4th grade which means a Mission Report! Her report and mission were due at school this week. Most everyone we know builds their mission from a kit but not in our family. Emily built hers out of sculpey. It was very cool but what do you do with a mission? They're hard to store and made out of sculpey it's heavy too. I have a friend who teaches 4th grade and her whole class builds their missions out of pound cake. So, that's what Hannah's was made out of. It turned out really cute too and the class is going to eat it tomorrow after Hannah gives her mission report! Problem of what to do with a mission solved!

What a whirlwind but things have calmed back down, right? Well, not really because in the next two weeks we have more reports due, finals, ditch day, end of year parties, graduation and lots more! Oh and about Disneyland - Emily is going again on Ditch Day!

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