Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Events of Spring

Life just seems to be moving at a frenetic pace these days. The yearbook was due just after school let out for Spring Break and because we wanted to get as many events into it as possible, I was taking pictures for it almost up and until the deadline. It did get completed by the deadline and I think it came out really well. I'm anxious to see what it will look like but will have to wait until early June to see the final product. Every year I tell myself that there must be a better way of handling the yearbook so that it's not so frantic right around the deadlines but every year it seems to be that way. I thought maybe it might be less so this year since we did the whole thing online but since our deadlines were extended we were able to include more events so it was just as hectic. I'm hoping to have some time to figure out how to streamline the process for next year - of course I say that every year! My next task for school is to get all of the photos uploaded so that parents can purchase the ones they want. We haven't ever done this before either but people always want copies of the photos and I don't have time to do it and keep track of it so this way parents will be able to just buy what they want and hopefully the school will make some money too.

On the evening before Easter, the girls were baptized. We never had them baptized as infants and so we decided to wait until they wanted to do it and understood what it meant. This year both girls really wanted to be baptized and the rector at the church associated with their school was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform the baptisms. It was a lovely night with the baptisms done by candlelight before an Easter service. Emily & Hannah's Aunt Mary, Aunt Karen & Uncle Mark graciously accepted the task of being the girls godparents. I didn't take any photos and really should have. It would have been very difficult to take pictures of the actual baptism since the lighting was so low but I should have gotten pictures with the girls and Fr. Chris and the girls and their godparents. Since I didn't I plan on setting this up in the future so that we have photos commemorating this important event in their lives. We're very proud of both of the girls for wanting to take this step.

Easter was bittersweet this year. Hannah informed us that she knew that the Easter Bunny wasn't real. Now, I knew this had to be coming but it's sad when this magic is past. On the other hand, we can probably just do Easter baskets and not have to do the egg hunt at home next year. Ü This year we did have Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt at home and then went to Paul's parents' house and had another Easter egg hunt.

After the Easter egg hunt we once again tried to get a picture of Emily & Hannah and their cousins. Tried is the operative word here - one of their cousins didn't want any part of it this year and would only sit for a few photos. I'm not thrilled with any of them but this is probably the best of the bunch ...

I did get a few sweet ones of Emily with her cousin including this one:

So, now Easter is over and the countdown to the end of the school year has begun. It's amazing to think that in less than 2 months Emily will be done with Middle School. I guess it's time to get busy and start planning the 8th Grade Graduation but before that we have the School Talent Show and the Ballet Spring Program and probably at least a dozen other things!