Tuesday, June 20, 2006

School's Out For Summer!

It's hard to believe that another school year is over and I now have a 5th grader and a freshman in high school!! I'm sure it will all sink in when we go buy uniforms for Emily and order her text books.

Emily graduated from 8th Grade last Wednesday. Each of the graduates spoke or performed during graduation - that's possible when there are only six graduates! Emily sang the Star Spangled Banner and she did an awesome job. I had more than one parent tell me that she made them cry. While she was singing, Emily's cap fell off; she was fine and kept going but the other two girls that were graduating started to laugh which caused Emily to have to try not to laugh. Paul said it was a good thing because she was much too serious up to that point.

In addition to receiving her diploma, Emily was also awarded a Presidential Award for Educational Excellence. After the graduation ceremony, there was a reception on the patio outside of the church and then we went out to dinner with two of the other families of graduates. It was a long night but a lot of fun. We are so proud of Emily for her outstanding academic record in Elementary and Middle School and for her acceptance to High School with honors. I still can't believe that she's old enough to go to High School!

Emily being presented with her diploma

Emily and her teachers at the reception following graduation

The dress Emily picked out to wear to her graduation was great with her eyes but whoa when did she get so grown up looking?

Hannah's last day of school was last Thursday and she is truly going to miss her teacher next year though she's been invited to stop in for the weekly tea party any time. Being the only girl in the class, she and her teacher truly bonded. Hannah had a great 4th grade year and is just hoping that some how, some way we'll get at least one more girl for 5th grade next year!

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Barb said...

Just stopped in to see the latest and WOW, look how grown-up Emily looks! Gorgeous dress! Congrats to Emily (and her parents, of course) on your graduation and the award. You'll do great in high school!

Hannah looks lovely in her dress with her teacher, too. For her sake, I hope they DO find another girl for her class. Good for her for sticking it out with all those boys, though! LOL!

I keep meaning to ping you on IM, Vicky, as life has slowed down for a minute or two. I'll catch ya sometime! :-)