Saturday, December 31, 2005

Before 2005 ends ...

Before 2005 ends I want to share some of my favorite photos from the year. Some I like because I'm proud of the photo and how it came out and others, while technically imperfect, I like because of the memory they represent. So, without further ado, here are 20 of my favorite photos of 2005:
The quintessential photo of Paul - cheers!

I love the depth of field in this one and the memory of the day that Hannah spent with her friend.

I had a lot of fun taking photos on Easter. This is one of my favorites.

Love the depth of field on this one and Hannah's smile.

Just love the colors and depth of field on this one.

Hannah had a party at Libby Lu for her birthday.
This shot of Emily was one of my favorite photos from that night.

Love the subject and I like how the shot turned out too!

My favorite of the shots I took of Hannah on her 8th birthday.

Hannah ready to perform

Emily ready to perform

This was my favorite shot from the Spring Dance Performance
(even though neither Emily or Hannah is in this one)
I just love the lighting and backdrop on this one.

Love the joy on Emily's face in this one
Our future star!!

Hannah let me take some practice shots of her while waiting for Emily one day.
This is one of my favorites because of the angle and depth of field.

I love the lighting in Karen & Mark's guest room
This one just said "black & white" to me.

Not the best photo but the memory is awesome!
Emily's a teenager!!
(oops, I didn't get any great shots of Emily on her birthday
I need to do that before she turns 14)

Not technically a great photo but we have to document Back To School!
Emily started 8th Grade & Hannah started 4th Grade in September.

I love the "pop" in this photo of Emily at the Middle School Halloween party.

I take a lot of pictures of The Cowsills and love that I can get decent results in low light.

I just really liked how this photo of 2 ornaments on the school Christmas tree came out.

Twice a year I take photographs of ballet and other dance performances.
This is one of my favorites from this year's Nutcracker.

There you have it - some of my favorite photos from 2005. Enjoy them and I'd love to see some of your 2005 photos too!

Happy New Year!!

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Wildcat said...

Love your photos! But I always enjoy them. ;-) I think the b&w one is the best...oh, and the flower...and the ornaments...and that one of Hannah and her friend. Ok, they're all good. Thanks for sharing!