Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Okay, I've given in and started a blog!

I have resisted setting up a blog because to me it has seemed like just one more thing that I should do that I just know I won't update as often as people expect. But, I've had a family website for years that I update as I find time and I intend for this to replace that. So, it will get updated when I have time. Don't expect daily updates or even weekly updates - there may be times that I do update regularly and then it might be a month or so without much of anything happening. If you can live with that then so can I!


Heidi said...

Something is better than nothing.

A friend pointed me to a program called Bloglines.com where the user can submit the URLs of blogs they like, and Bloglines will tell the user when a new entry has arrived. No pesky daily checking and hoping.

Wildcat said...

Well, it's about dang time! LOL! Love the pictures, Vicky...then again, I think you're an awesome photographer. Cya later! ;-)