Sunday, August 19, 2007

DayJams 2007 - 3rd & Final Take!

The girls' last week at DayJams was unique in that rather than just being vocalists both Emily & Hannah wanted to try playing some kind of instrument.

Hannah decided before we signed up this year that she wanted to spend one week playing guitar. She had a great time and learned a few things and of course now wants to take guitar lessons. Hannah's band was named The Shock:
Hannah introducing the band

Playing during the show

Emily had been fooling around with Hannah's guitar at home and trying to figure out guitar parts on songs that she liked. She found that she couldn't really do that but she could pick out bass parts. So, she decided that she wanted to try playing bass. Now the only problem is we don't own a bass - luckily Emily's voice teacher was gracious enough to let her borrow his. In Emily's final week at DayJams she played bass and sang backup vocals in the Psychedelic Hors Dourves and was the vocalist in That's What She Said.
Emily on bass
Emily on bass

Emily on vocals

We didn't get any videos this week but a friend of ours has promised us a copy of their video.

And as promised here are a few photos from the first week at the San Fernando Valley campus.
Hannah in Ground Zero
Ground Zero

Hannah in Dogs of Rock
Dogs of Rock
Emily in Torch The City
Torch The City

If you're interested in seeing more DayJams photos send me an email.

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Anonymous said...

Your kids are really rocking out! That is such a cool program, I would love to find one around here for my kids. Assuming they would be interested....

Carol and Marshall (4/11/96) and Spencer (5/27/99)