Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So much to do ... So little time

It seems like only yesterday that the girls were just starting the school year and now it's over and we have a sophomore in High School and a Middle Schooler! The end of the school year was extremely busy for all of us with: Dance Performances, Field Trips, Picnics, Parties, etc. not to mention finals and reports and picture taking and more picture taking.

The day before school got out for Hannah, the girls joined a bunch of other kids from Hannah's school at an audition for Oscar Mayer at Hollywood & Highland. Oscar Mayer sent a bus to the school to get the kids and supplied them all with T-shirts. Looking around the web we found a video from the audtions but neither of the girls is in it much. You can see Emily's arm at about 1:14 in the video and you can see Hannah with a group of kids at 1:41 but you have to look fast! All of the kids in the white T-shirts with the star on it are from Hannah's school. And here's the video ...

I have a ton of pictures still to review, crop, edit, etc. from 8th grade graduation at Hannah's school and the dance shows but I did edit a few photos I took of Emily and Hannah just before 8th grade graduation (no neither of the girls were part of the graduation but I'm the photographer for the school and Emily had friends graduating).
Hannah in her favorite headband
Emily in her current favorite headband
This one was processed to be somewhat edgy

Last week the girls filmed a segment about Day Jams for the show yourLA. This should air in the next couple of weeks and we'll let you know when it does!

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