Sunday, March 19, 2006

It doesn't feel like home just yet but ...

Not quite a year ago, Pickwick's Pub, the pub that we called home, was set on fire by an arsonist. Pickwick's was the pub where I first met a Cowsill back in 1990 and more importantly where Paul and I met and where we got engaged on Valentine's Day in 1992. Our friends all teased us that we'd have to hold the wedding at Pickwick's too but even we drew the line there. We did invite some of our close friends from the pub, including the owners at the time, to the wedding but we didn't hold it at the pub.

After the fire it was like a part of our lives was missing. We still went out to see Bob Cowsill play at other pubs but they just weren't Pickwick's. We didn't know if the pub would reopen or not but last Saturday, not quite a year after the fire closed Pickwick's, the pub quietly re-opened. Then, on St. Patrick's Day, Bob Cowsill along with Robby Scharf & Dan McNamara provided entertainment for the first time in the newly reopened Pickwick's Pub!

It's going to take some getting used to before the new Pickwick's Pub is as much home as the old Pickwick's was but I'm sure we'll get there. One thing that will certainly help with that homey feeling is that Bob Cowsill is back to singing at Pickwick's every Friday night just like he was when I first started going to the pub. I'm thrilled that Pickwick's is back in business and am already planning to hold my 50th birthday party there!

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